Cat # 1 – Whew, finally they all went to bed.

Cat # 2 – I thought they were going to stay up all night.  We only have a small window when we can actually speak to each other.

Cat #1 – Yeah meowing gets old.  And you mumble anyway.

Cat #2 – What did you say?  You talking to me?

Cat#1 – It’s Christmas.  Lighten up.

Cat#2 – I love Christmas, especially when they leave those treats out for Santa, whoever he is and his reindeer.  Are reindeer like mice?

Cat#1 – Maybe but how come we never see either of them?

Cat #2 – Beats me, must be a myth like that nine lives stuff.

Cat#1 -I climb on the table and lick all the cookies.

Cat#2 – Good one.

Cat#1 – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cat #2 – You too.  Hope we get some presents tomorrow morning.  It’s an odd custom but I like it.  Merry Christmas to you too.