They’re cuttin’ down trees, puttin’ up reindeer, singing songs of joy and peace…

Not really a Christmas song but I like the imagery of the first couple of lines.  At least it’s not like that sappy song about the Christmas shoes.

A couple of ways to go with this today.  Did you ever feel when you got up in the morning that you were glad that it was cloudy and grey outside because that’s the way you felt on the inside.  Your head and the sky were in sync.

And as long as the weather cooperated you were a pretty satisfied camper until the day cleared and the sun came out forcing you out of your comfortable hole into the real world again?

Ever happy that you felt a little sad?  It’s part of life and so what’s not to like about experiencing a real emotion now and again?  Sometimes it can be a relief or a way just to take a break for awhile.  I need downtime and not just when I’m sleeping.

I’m learning that it’s not good to be on the go all the time.  I spent a lot of time calling shows where I was multi – multi tasking doing 3 or 4 or more things at once.  I liked the adrenaline boost.  Eventually I figured out that decompression was a legitimate course and necessary of action to take.

Sort of like self defense or as I called it ” Defensive Stage Managing ” not unlike ” Defensive Driving.”  It’s only when I crossed the line into  “Defensive Living ” that the wheels began to bind and were in danger of falling off.

As the Amish around here are fond of saying ,” Ve get too soon old and too late schmart.”

Gotta go, it’s sunny and warm and I got places to go and people to see.  It could be the start of something.

This cut is brilliant.  First time I’ve seen it.  Clearly Letterman and SNL have been watching and we thought that they invented cool, hip tv.  Not so.  Not so at all.