In case anyone was wondering who and where the invitees to the blog are and live I’m here to fill you in.

The who is about a dozen of my friends.  The where is California, New Hampshire, Michigan, Virginia and about 5 of you here in Lancaster County, USA.  The longest friendship goes back to 1971.  Geez – we were all just pups back then.

I suppose that writing for a known and limited audience is not the way to become a big time writer. Oh well.

It’s safe writing and that’s a good training ground like Comp 101 which I took when LBJ was in the White House.

I may at some point include episodes from our collective past experiences but I promise not to reveal specifics and if you do recognize yourself I hope you are happy with your characterization and the way I have twisted the truth for my own benefit and the sake of humor. If not, there’s always The New Yorker, they hate everybody.

As they say on Fox News – You can’t take facts and alter them to fit your agenda or something like that.

The funny thing is that several of you know each other but you don’t know who the other folks are which sets up an interesting dynamic.  Sort of like a literary Whodunit or a game of Clue.

My memory may be hazy in spots. There was the time I was in Wichita where I was among the three people in the movie theatre who saw ” The Purple Rose of Cairo.”  Or maybe it was ” Broadway Danny Rose.”  A faulty recollection can be a wonderful thing.

Snow continues to fall on this Saturday afternoon. ” Let it Snow” was  written by Jules Styne and Sammy Cahn in July 1945 in Los Angeles.  Inspiration comes in many strange ways and places.  Ricky Skaggs was once in Emmy Lou Harris’s ” Hot Band.”

Gonna snow all night – I’ll be back.