Snowstorm on the way – sales of bread, milk and eggs are going through the roof.  On an average day a local chain sells 1,156 loaves of bread.  Pre storm – 2,126.  Milk in gallons 459 jumps to 845 and eggs from 541 dozen to 1095.  And then it doesn’t snow, at least not yet.

I spoke with a couple of friends today who swear the milk, egg and bread lobby is in cahoots with The Weather Channel to boost sales.  We are spoiled.

My father once told me that when he was a kid that getting oranges at Christmas was a big deal.  He was born in 1918 a few weeks before the ” War to End All Wars” ended on November 11th of that year.  In a little more than 20 years he would have his own war that didn’t end any wars either.

My Dad grew up during the Depression which probably explains a lot of my buying habits and attitudes regarding money.  He was always fearful of not having enough to support us and even in his retirement when all the kids were well out of the house and on our own did he ever relax about money.

We are spoiled.  It’s mid December and I can drive 5 minutes to pick up bread, milk and eggs and also a pineapple, a crate of oranges from Spain, kiwis, wherever they come from and all sorts of normal and exotic fruit.

Snow is starting to come down heavier now and it’s blowing in from the east.  Does that mean a Nor’easter?  A hundred years ago you woke up in the morning and if it was sunny or raining it was sunny or raining.  A person really had no clue what tomorrow’s weather would be let alone the five or ten day forecast.