I’m not saying that I think there currently is one.  The world is becoming increasingly secular and focussed on consumerism.   I think that ” National Buy Nothing Day” is a pretty good idea.

These days mostly the only things I spend money on are food and gasoline.  But at least I’m getting gas bonus points at the grocery store and air miles since I end up charging it all anyway.  Such are my current middle class financial strategies.

Back to the war which is already in progress.

Last year when I took our Christmas tree to my township’s municipal facility this is what I found:

photo copy 3

This was not some random act of a jokester because all the signs at the dump had been altered.  Maybe there is a battle going on and I just don’t know it. I choose not to participate anyway.

But Christmas is less than two weeks away so it’s time for some music of the season.