I received an email last summer from a guy who was one of my friends when I was a kid  growing up.

The email began with ” Would you happen to be Phil Capp who grew up in Floral Park, New York?” Well, of course that would be me.  This fellow and I lost touch sometime after college when he moved to Illinois and I landed in Lancaster.

I’ll spare you the ins and outs of my misspent youth but we were kids being kids.  It was pretty great.  I asked how I came to mind after all these years and how did he find me?  Well, finding anyone these days is pretty easy.  But why?

Bob, (his real name) said that sometime during our growing up days he recalled that I said one day I would like to work behind the scenes in show business.  He couldn’t remember where or when I made that statement and I couldn’t tell you if I actually did make that statement but according to Bob I did.

Through the years he said he would watch movie credits looking for my name or watch credits roll at the end of a TV show looking for my me. Of course he would never find me since to the best of my recollection I don’t have any credits like that.

Bob finally did an internet search, my name popped up and here I am in the entertainment industry just like Bob sorta always knew I would be.

He filled me in on his personal life, all about his kids and on and on.  He’s about to retire.  I’m about to go back for another load out.  So it goes.

It was nice being remembered in a warm way.  We sent a few emails back and forth but that’s about where it stands and that’s fine with me.