This time of year the baseball calendar is pretty quiet except for various trades and the signing of free agents.

In the paper this morning there was an article about free agent signings.  I’m here to report my opinions on a game I played as a kid, a teenager and as an adult for free.  OK, it was only stickball and softball but the object of the game is still the same.

I won’t mention any team names but they might be the New York York Hankies, Boston Red Clocks, the Schmets and a club in Seattle, Washington.  These clubs signed a total of 4 players recently and their combined contracts total 393.25 million dollars.  Four guys!  The average salary now in Major League Baseball is 3.2 million dollars.

Every time I think it’s a game something like this reminds me that it’s a business and every time I say it’s a business they say it’s a game.

I can’t wait until Opening Day.