Yep, just the other day Ford held a press conference to announce that and to also roll out this year’s model.  It’s the kind of stuff I used to do for a living.  But that’s old news.

In the other old news department I have a friend who once owned a Mustang convertible and we terrorized friends and families with our road trips in that car.  One time I was taking a cat to the vet in that car, the cat sprayed on the backseat, the smell never came out and I still get reminded of that from time to time.

The Mustang was a rear wheel drive car which meant that in snow it was fairly worthless having no weight to speak of over the drive wheels.  Someone, I’m not saying who, decided that it would be a great idea to put a 50 pound bag of Portland cement mix in the trunk to act as weight over the rear wheels.  Seems reasonable no?

Now that’s a great idea as long as the bag doesn’t rip open and the trunk doesn’t leak.   See where I’m going with this?  Both events occurred simultaneously and I’ll say that rain water and cement mix very well together just like they are supposed to do.

Somewhere there is a Blue Mustang convertible with a very limited trunk capacity and a  back seat that smells like a muskrat.

There were also other cars in our parade of Detroit iron which included the Chevrolet Celebrity aka as the Calamity and the beauty pictured below which we drove to levee but the levee was dry.  Don McLean would be proud.

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