When I finished last night’s missive and hit publish the site presented it as a piece for December 7 which is a pretty important date in American history.  I am, after all, a history major, as far as I know.

December 7th, 1941 must have hit our parents and grandparents like a ton of bricks.  I think that my uncle was already in the army and my dad was drafted a bit later.  But the enormity of the attack and the implications are beyond my comprehension even with September 11th still fresh in all our minds.

So I put out my American flag this morning on the porch and when I went to bring it in tonight I noticed another flag down the street which was lit by Christmas lights.  I’m guessing that in early December 1941 most Americans were thinking about staying out of the European war and also thinking about Christmas.

The last handful of Pearl Harbor survivors are in their mid 90’s   The three remaining members of the Doolittle Raiders are about the same age.  Time marches on.

I read a quote which I think is from Rick Atkinson’s book, ” The Guns at Last Light.’  It’s about WWII in Europe.  Did you know that in 1948 that the US Army was still shipping coffins back to America with the bodies of deceased servicemen so they could be buried in family plots?  I didn’t.  But the quote is ” The war isn’t over until the last Infantryman has been buried.”  I think we might be getting close.