I think, I think WordPress is based in England given the fact that local time here right now is 11:27 pm but when I save a draft it registers as 5 hours later meaning it’s    4:27 am wherever the draft is being saved.

So if I write this post and publish it tonight before midnight I think it’s for the Friday edition when in reality WordPress publishes it on Saturday. Time zones.

I read a book last summer titled ” Bunker Hill” and it was about the battle in particular and the city of Boston in general. Now that I have a kid who calls Boston home I have a special place for all things Boston in my heart including the World Champion Red Sox.

First of all the battle of Bunker Hill actually took place on Breeds Hill through a combination of factors. Mainly it was dark when the colonists ( the British called them provincials) staked out their defensive positions and because of the hubris of one of the provincial generals who placed his forces where he saw fit and not where he was told. That was Breeds Hill, not Bunker.

What amazed me about the book the amount of detail the author provided. The everyday details of personal, government and military information that remains is staggering. But to tie this all together to time zones.

So I’m here in Pennsylvania and when I hit save my words are saved somewhere that is not here and I’m thinking England.

For the colonials and the British in 1775 the time lag between when something was written in Boston, shipped to England where it was debated before it was acted upon and a reply formulated and then shipped back to the colonies was almost three months. That led to a lot of misunderstandings to say the least. The British waited for orders based on information they had sent home for months. In the meantime situations changed rapidly and decisions had to be made at the local level sometimes with regrettable consequences.  Now we can skype all the way to pretty much anywhere anytime we chose.

There is a bar in Boston that is across the street from the graveyard where Samuel Adams is buried. It’s the only place where you can drink a Sam Adams while looking at the grave of Sam Adams.  That tidbit was not in the book but I have reliable first hand information and I can attest to it’s veracity.

Finally in the ” Did You Know” department.  After the Battle of Lexington in 1775 word eventually reached a small settlement in Kentucky and based on that information the residents named their village Lexington.

It’s approaching midnight where I am and so goodnight wherever you are and whatever the time zone you are in.