Well not exactly but hang around and it sorta makes sense.

Thinking about this: Your wi-fi penetrates walls, your cell phone gets a signal in the basement and you can even lock your car remotely from 50 feet away through a window.  All these signals have one thing in common.  You, me, all of us.  If the signal goes through walls it goes through you.

I ran into two friends this afternoon on North Duke Street near the library.  We had a  fun conversation about marriage, relationships, depression and movies about marriage, relationships and depression.  They seem to be somewhat linked more so for some people than others.  I think that the last movie I saw in a real movie theater was ” Elmo in Grouchland.”  No, maybe it was ” Up.”

In our conversation I found out that they had skyped with their kids who live halfway around the world at Thanksgiving.  I invited them to the blog so now we’re up to 10 people who are all roughly the same age.  I like knowing my target audience. I told them that I would be deliberately vague and not name names in recounting any conversations.

They skyped halfway around the world ! Wow !  I know it’s really not that amazing anymore I suppose.  My local super market knows everything I’ve bought for the last 5 years, when and how I’ve paid for it and prints coupons at the checkout to lure me back for more.

Anyway, this brave new world technology still amazes me and that led me to thinking about having radio waves crash through my body.  I looked up and on the top of the Bell Telephone, I mean, Bell of PA, I mean Verizon building and there was a monstrous sized device that was probably sending and receiving microwaves, short waves, long waves and telegraph signals. For all I know it was eavesdropping on our conversation.  I pointed out the device and said, “See that, it’s not emitting rainbows and hummingbirds ” to which one of my friends said ” Sounds like a song” and I suppose it does. Feel free to write it,just give me credit and a piece of the action. I would buy it on i tunes if I knew how.

Relationships in this inter-whatever age.  Who knows about relationships and depression, no not me …