I recently worked on a gig here in town on the grand opening of a luxury sports cars dealership.  We hung a few lights and addd a few other fancy frills to brighten up the showroom which was already pretty brightened up.

After we finished the set up I walked around to the used, excuse me, previously owned vehicle section of the lot.  A used car is still a used car no matter if you call it previously owned, previously enjoyed or my favorite, previously abused.

Steve Goodman had an album titled ” Somebody Else’s Troubles” which was appropriate or him since his father was a used car salesman.  I had a friend’s mother once call one of my many used cars ” Somebody else’s headache.”   We still haul that joke out every year at Christmas and it still works.  Headache, trouble, it’s still a used car.

Anyway, sitting in the previously (your word here)  portion of the lot was a used beauty that was going for $79,900.  That’s right 79 nine.

Now if I had that kind of money would I spend it on a used car?  If I had that kind of money would I spend it on a new car?  My first car cost me $300 and it’s been an expensive downhill game ever since.

I have only ever been the proud owner of a new car once and that was in 1987.  I don’t know what I was thinking back then to actually think I was middle class enough to take that kind of a plunge but I did and I drove the wheels off that baby until reverse gear started to go and then I was back in the shark tank at the local lot trying not to over pay for another vehicle that some one else didn’t want anymore.

Cars, can’t live with ’em…But mentioning the late Steve Goodman made me think of the tune that introduced me to him and it was called ” The Dutchman.”  I first heard it somewhere back in the 1970’s at Luckees Elbow room over on Manor Street and it was played by my friend Peter and his bandmate Doug.

The good stuff holds up.

Hope you like it.