Yesterday was the last day of my 5 day radio listening survey.  They sent me a buck after I agreed to participate, a buck came with the survey booklet and another buck showed up on Saturday with a letter reminding me that mine was an important task and that radio stations were really counting on me.  Three dollars.  I guess that the price upon where I can be bought.

I mailed it back today and I’ll share the results so you can say you heard it here first.  The big winner in who’s listening to what sweepstakes was Pandora, followed by WXPN with WITF and WLPA – AM coming in last.  The Penn State game was on LPA on Saturday night and so that’s how I snuck an AM station into the survey.

I prefer AM or mostly silence in the car these days anyway.  Remember when FM radio was really important to people our age?  Remember when we thought that music, our music could change the world?  Now I’m trying to compose a tune called ” Medicare Blues” which would be more of the music of our times.

Anyway, thinking more about Stevie Goodman I added another link.  I could add the entire Steve Goodman songbook and it wouldn’t be enough.  Here’s one for my friends on the west coast.

Maybe I’ll find a way to wedge in a Harry Chapin tune one of these days.  Aw, what the heck…