A while back I received a call from the Alumni office at the institution where I matriculated and eventually received a degree in something or other.

The friendly voice at the other end of the line thanked me for my previous contributions and wanted to take a minute to update the files.  She said,” I see here that you were an English major and that you graduated in … .” ” Wait, I’m an English major ?  I always thought that my degree was in History.”  She says, ” Nope, it says right here Bub that you majored in English.”

I replied, ” Well, maybe that’s why I could never find a job as a History teacher.”  Heh, heh.  She thanked me for my time and I agreed to put a check in the mail and I assume that my records were changed to indicate my new college major.

Actually, as I recall, I think that I had a triple major.  Alcohol, indecision and procrastination.  I was in school in New Haven, Connecticut right up the street from Yale at the same time that Bill and Hilary were law students.  Our paths did not cross.  Too bad, I might have ended up as the Ambassador to Kuala Lampoor or Albania or Finland.  A simple twist of fate as someone once sang.

I continue to support the old Blue and White on an irregular basis.  One guy who was a year of two behind me has been the Offensive Coordinator for the NY Football Giants for a few years.

One year the big draw at an alumni function was to ” Meet Kevin and see his Super Bowl ring.”  New Haven is a long ways away from here just to eat rubber chicken and get hit up for a contribution.  I have been invited to a reunion track meet of all former college cross country runners where I can run in the invitational mile.  That too is an awful long way to go and run a 10 minute mile and get hit up for another contribution.  I can run a 10 minute mile right here saving the train fare and the contribution.

Another famous alum was the Dad on ” The Wonder Years” and he played football too.  I remember we had one running back who got invited to a Giants tryout camp.  He lasted until lunch time on the first day of camp.  I hope they let him stay for the meal.

For a while my son doubted that I had ever attended, much less graduated from college since I couldn’t find my diploma.  Even after I produced the sheepskin he still had his doubts.

Maybe I’ll check with Bill or Hilary and see if there are any ambassadorships available.  I hear Chile is nice this time of year.