My daughter’s company is having their annual Christmas party this Friday at the House of Blues in Boston. Musical entertainment will be provided by a DJ. Really? Recorded music at a venue that normally presents live music? Something is not right here.

Last summer I was working some big name boy band act at the stadium. There were three opening acts. I was on the show crew on the deck and my job was to schlep band gear off the stage after the various acts had completed their sets. So far, so good.

Opening act #1 plays his 15 minutes with no sound check. After all he’s the opener to the opener to the opener. He finishes and we drag his gear off stage and out to the truck. Act #2 plays her 25 minutes and at the conclusion of her set we go out and grab her band gear and take it to the loading dock. Act # 3 plays her 45 minutes and at the conclusion of her set we rinse and repeat with her band and their instruments. This is where it gets really good or really bad.

As we are hustling Act # 3 away I happen to turn around and look upstage to see…absolutely no band gear, no musicians, no nothing where the next band would normally be. I drift into the wings to hear the MC announce the headliners and then there is plenty of music and screams. The screams were live, the music was not. The music is all coming from a pair of computers off stage right. No band, just playback, playback and more playback.

The audience didn’t seem to mind, they loved the show and the talent genuinely connected with their fans in the house. I was pretty shocked but as the reality of what was transpiring hit me I realized that this is the wave of the present and the future and I suppose that I had better get used to it. Or not.

Well, we’ll see about that and with that in mind…Here is some real live music played by some real live people.  In this band 16 out of 17 musicians  can read music.  Mr.#17 – well, not so much but he’s playing it live and having a great time..