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Why can’t the tv news people just give me the complete story once and for all?

Beyond the news on television or anywhere else it’s amazing to me how many people I know who don’t read the local paper, have no idea of what’s happening in their city and county and only have a vague notion of national and world affairs.  I am not encouraged by the lack of awareness around me.

Back to tv news for a moment – every station now has a plexiglass news desk and almost every station has a segment or two where the anchors stand at some point to deliver their reports?  Theirs is a business where keeping up with the Joneses is paramount.  The big winner in all this is the graphics department which provides a picture and a sound effect for just about anytime anyone says anything.

I also find the time disconnect between stories I read on the internet, see on tv and read in the paper to be somewhat pleasantly confusing. Kind of like being jet lagged in reverse.  I’m not sure I even know what I meant by that but it’s an interesting concept.   I find it funny when a story I read in the paper one day turns up as a news feature on tv two days later.

Well, tv news is an easy target I admit.  And watching the network evening news and judging by the commercials you’d think the only people who watch those shows have dentures, excess gas, back pain, chronic headaches, constipation and drive Buicks.

Finally, a last word.  Tomorrow night ABC will broadcast ” A Charlie Brown Christmas” only 23 days before Christmas.  Kind of early for me but what do I know?  I drive a Buick.