About two weeks ago I received a call from a national radio rating service asking if I would participate in a ratings survey.  I’m avoiding company names and being deliberately vague to avoid the mining of data.  I know you’re lurking out there.  You can probably guess who the company is anyway.

I agreed to the survey and earlier this week I received my radio listening diary where I am to record the station I am listening to, where and when and if it is am or fm.  Apparently the location of my listening is also important like whether I’m at home or in a car. The interesting twist is that the survey also want to know if it’s satellite or internet radio.

The survey started yesterday and runs through next Wednesday.  For my trouble I am paid two bucks in brand new one dollar bills.  I don’t know how representative of the community I will be with my radio listening habits.  If this was baseball season my diary would be filled.

It’s way to early to listen to Christmas music since it’s still November.  I often prefer to drive with the radio off since I spend a lot of my working days around loud noises, oversized arena audio systems and deafening sound checks.

I also got a survey call recently regarding hospitals and health care systems and did I know the difference? Well, no, not really and I have no clue about the cardiologists at a hospital that is 30 miles from here.  The questions were deliberately vague so see, I’m not the only one.

This is just me talking but I think that the survey was commissioned by some local hospital or health care system as a way to craft their next advertising campaign.           ” Nine out of Ten people don’t know anything about cardiologists thirty miles from here.”  I did give my preference as to which hospital I would prefer since I can see it from my back porch.  Again, pretty unscientific but true.

So, in conclusion: I always thought that the name of this song was ” Turn up your radio” but surprise – it’s not.  I suggest reading the lyrics as you listen which I did for the first time ever.  It’s a great tune.  Maybe more later tonight.  I’m on a roll.