It was the smallest gathering in years.  Nobody misbehaved, no one said anything outrageous, the meal and the company were all very pleasant.  No one called anyone a Bozo – that did happen once.  There was only one attempt at discussing current events and that was in regard to Obamacare but since we all have our own health insurance anyway that line of conversation thankfully went nowhere.

The lowlight was the Thanksgiving Day parade which was just a stream of on air promotions and ads.  There was one balloon which was supposed to be a dragon but it looked to me more like a black squirrel with wings.  Even if it had been breathing fire it would have still only looked like a fire breathing winged squirrel.

I knew a guy who had a great desire to march in the parade as a volunteer and one year he did. My memory is hazy on this. He might have been a balloon handler or maybe not.   I know that there was actually a rehearsal for the handlers before the parade that year in October, I think, at the Meadowlands where all the hopefuls were tutored in the fine points of wrangling a giant balloon.  The chief words of wisdom were something like ” Don’t ever let go!” or words to that effect.  Again, my memory is hazy but it makes for a good story anyway.  So for my friend the parade was a thrill. That much is true.  He was the kind of guy who even if he wasn’t smiling on the outside you knew he was still smiling on the inside.  Good guy, passed away a few years ago. So sad.

My advice to the balloon handlers would have been ” Don’t be the last guy holding on” or words to that effect.  You’d probably get a great view of Manhattan from 500 feet.

It was a lovely Thanksgiving and as usual it goes by too quickly.  Hope you all had a great day.  Have a great weekend. Keep smiling.