This is where I tackle the  “Reading” part of the title.

I recently read two autobiographies:  Linda Ronstadt’s ” Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir” and Graham Nash’s “Wild Tales.”

No book reviews here, at least not now.  I didn’t take notes while I read the books so I’m liable to misquote one or both of them or make up some fun fact that I think I read. I enjoyed both books as a window looking back on the 1960’s when I was growing up and listening to the music both of them were making.

Linda’s first big hit was ” Different Drum.”  All that I mostly remember about that song even today is Linda’s clear strong voice and the harpsichord break but the real meaning of the lyrics gets lost in the production.

So the question is – who wrote the tune?  Here is an all together different reading of the song performed in 1993 by the author.  It’s a love gone wrong song.