Hello friends,

Well the blog is live as they say and I am intimidated to say the least.  So many choices in layouts, color schemes, columns left or right, photos, links, Facebook, Twitter and it goes on and on. I feel graphically challenged.

It was much easier writing what I thought were thought provoking, cogent, thoughtful and snarky emails one at a time.  Now everyone gets to read them at the same time.   I’m not even sure how you all get to access the site.  I’m sure that will come somewhere down the line when I click the finish button at the bottom of the page.  In any case, the page layout I’ve chosen is free of charge, at least i think it, and I can pick another style later on.  This style is called ” Chateau.”  I opted not to select ” Yoko” for obvious reason besides the price tag.

So here we go kids, for some reason the tab key doesn’t act like the tab key should and maybe it’s confused by my brave new venture.  Finally, a bit of serendipity though.  As if November being National Blog Month wasn’t enough after I announced my intention to blog to a friend at market last week I walked over to Free Public (at least for the time being)  Library where a display announcing November as National Write a Novel Month was planted right on the first floor.  It’s a sign I think.  Thanks for the encouragement and let’s take this baby out for a spin.